Adventures in a Spanish Classroom and the Educational World

Are you about to lose it?

Are you about to lose it? ME TOO! I walked out of a few trainings today with my jaw clenched tight. This is not like me. I have my usual stress cycles – but this last week they have been… Continue Reading →

Final Exams- CANCELLED!

Reflections on having our standardized final exam (NYS – FLACS) cancelled: I haven’t always had respect for final exams. Are they a real indicator of mastery in my class? Are they gate keepers? This year, unlike my previous 13 teaching… Continue Reading →

My Lessons Learned (so far)

Wow. It has been a tremendous 7 week of remote learning, effort, anxiety, highs and lows. Before I taught virtually I imagined teaching confidently from my computer. I was (almost) excited because I LOVE tech and my kids have a… Continue Reading →

Caminatas Para Aprender: Learning Walks – Top Takeaways

I have ALWAYS wanted to participate in a learning walk since I saw them becoming popular on twitter and read the Cult of Pedagogy article about seeing Each Other Teach (Gonzalez, Jennifer). New to a district, I decided to tread… Continue Reading →

Cultural Love vs. Cultural Appropriation

This definition of cultural appropriation was taken from wikipedia: “Cultural appropriation, at times also phrased cultural misappropriation, is the adoption of elements of one culture by members of another culture. This can be controversial when members of a dominant culture appropriate from disadvantaged minority cultures.” I’ve been… Continue Reading →

#PersonalizedLearning: Reflections on #DigitalStations

After this years NYSAFLT I was inspired by two sessions: hyperdocs and stations. I am not in a Google school, and while I feel my highest level of the SAMR model happened with tech coach Annie Almekinder (@aalmekinder) using Gsuite,… Continue Reading →

How to Use a Word Clouds in Language Class

Last week I had the awesome opportunity to hear Martina Bex. She is an expert in CI (comprehensive input), and sort of a celebrity to us bloggers and twitter users. I learned so much in the session – but one… Continue Reading →

What would you do with a SCURVY PIRATE?!

Last weekend I presented a conference called “Hooked! Teaching Like a Pirate in the World Language Classroom”, based on Dave Burgess’ AMAZING book, Teach Like a Pirate (with permission). Are you part of the #TLAP crew? It’s all about creating… Continue Reading →

La Familia- A Personal History of Teaching the Family Unit

My Evolution of Teaching the “Family Unit” 2005: First year teaching. Family unit project: make your family tree in Spanish, talk about it to the class. One student stabs the word “padre” with his pencil so much, he rips thru… Continue Reading →

SHATTERING Book Club! Chapter 3-9

Voice and Choice! For blog reflections, Please pick 1 per 2 chapters for chapters 3-9- that’s a total of 3 blogs. Post your reflection in comments and they can be separate comments or all in one, whichever fits you best: Answer… Continue Reading →

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